The Armed Forces

Few players have more stringent requirements to the storage and security of military materials than the Armed Forces themselves. O.B. Wiik has supplied halls to military areas with tailor-made special equipment that takes security needs into account.

Standing at attention

For the Armed Forces, quick response is a prerequisite. That’s why they need solutions that are flexible, can be used for a wide range of purposes, and that can be adapted to contingency situations as they arise, whether these be troop movements, drills or budget cuts.

Among other things, O.B. Wiik has supplied halls for storage of military equipment and for use as garages and workshop halls for military vehicles.

We do our utmost to meet customer requirements to security and additional equipment for our halls.  We can supply halls in solid, strong structures and materials able to withstand Norwegian climatic conditions, with additional equipment such as heating, ventilation, dehumidification, lighting, security equipment and door systems.

Most importantly, the rapid delivery and installation time equips the Armed Forces’ various branches with the flexibility and scope of action they seek – something to which our many deliveries to the military can attest.

Military products