Sporting events or permanent sporting facilities require good tent solutions or halls and multi-purpose halls. It is a question of creating ideal conditions for training, sport and events.

Room for good sporting experiences

Halls, sports halls or multi-purpose halls – when it comes to sport, there are many names for the things we love. But first and foremost, they are spaces for training and sporting enjoyment. In order to achieve this, a minimum of facilities is required.

A multi-purpose hall from O.B. Wiik is a cheap, quick and flexible alternative for sport clubs with high ambitions, but low budgets. O.B. Wiik’s multi-purpose halls are relatively quick to set up and are a good alternative to traditional buildings.

Unlimited possibilities

Many clubs benefit from having a hall that can be upsized (or downsized) in line with the club’s finances and growth – by expanding, reducing in size or simply relocating the hall as necessary. The multi-purpose hall can also be hired out or utilised for completely different purposes.

A multi-purpose hall from O.B. Wiik can be rigged in accordance with all the user’s wishes. A dehumidification system, doors, lighting, air conditioning, heating, stands and changing room facilities can be incorporated into the design and delivered as a complete package. Together with favourable financing arrangements and low maintenance costs, our multi-purpose halls are often the best alternative for sport clubs.

Quality products for sporting events

Under the broad definition of sporting premises, we have products that cover all types of sporting events. We supply most types of tents, stages, fences and equipment needed to host successful events. Since the solutions are flexible, we scale our deliveries to suit the size of the event – from the Norway Cup at one end of the scale, to smaller events for local sport clubs at the other.

Sport products