Specialised needs

Do you have a project that is out of the ordinary? Note that we do our utmost to meet client requirements with our tents and halls. Do you need a product custom-made to unique measurements? We produce PVC tarpaulins per customer specifications.

Custom-made projects

Although standard dimension WiikHalls can be used for most things, we frequently meet customers who want custom-made solutions or require unusual dimensions for specialised projects.

The WiikHall can be adapted to many different sizes and purposes. It is by its nature flexible and can be adapted throughout per special dimensions, and can be equipped with a wide selection of additional equipment.

To the millimetre

Do you need sheets made to measure? Our staff can take the measurements. Thereafter, the textile is produced in accordance with the measurements and adapted as ordered and per the desired use. Our PVC materials come in many types and colours, so there is almost no limit to your options.

The following are examples of products that we make to measure:

  • Partitions for outdoor and indoor use; partitions can be delivered with tracks and hanging systems
  • Trailer covers for cars and tractors
  • Pallet covers in all sizes
  • Covers for industry and offshore use
  • Snow tarps
  • Boat tarps

Other materials

Are you looking for other specialised solutions? Ask us – there are many options. We also have fall-safe nets and container nets with potentially new areas of use and can show you examples of our PVC sheets being used for structures such as pools, etc.

Custom-made products