Tarpaulins with print

Is the wall you are planning to cover large, and do you have something you want to say? Or do you want to cover a surface with PR information? Printing your message on tarpaulins gives you the opportunity to say it out loud.

Think big

PVC tarpaulins or mesh sheets used to protect or cover property are also ideal for communicating your message. Printing information, notices, logos, advertising or illustrations and photographs on a surface that needs covering, gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone.

From digital file to tarp

Using our large-format printer we customise PVC tarpaulins or mesh textiles with your message so that it will be the right size for where it will hang. Print tarpaulins are well-suited to covering fences. They can be provided in a variety of measurements and shapes to protect equipment and other property from weather conditions. In many cases, a message-carrying tarpaulin is an objective in its own right, for instance in the form of a decorative illustration fronting a building project, as a space for providing crucial information at a work place, or an art project on a public wall – or displaying an advert on a space that is not used for anything else.

We will help you choose the tarpaulin or textile and print directly from your digital files – or assist in designing your message and design at our offices.



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