Tarpaulins for hire

Do you have a temporary need for tarpaulins? Renting a tarpaulin rather than buying may be preferable and a way of avoiding the purchase and storage of a large tarpaulin.

Renting a tarpauline

O.B. Wiik offers high-quality tarpaulins for rent in numerous sizes which can be used to temporarily cover goods and equipment, e.g. at construction sites. Our tarpaulins are stocked with different distributors across the country for speedy delivery.

In many cases, renting a tarpaulin is more economical. Our tarpaulins are high-quality and withstand difficult weather conditions. They are so solid that they remain put where other makes are carried away by the wind, or subject to tears. Our tarpaulins offer appropriate protection for construction equipment.

Don’t tie up capital

If you rent a tarpaulin you will simply be invoiced a month, with normal wear and tear included in the price. If tarpaulins are badly soiled when returned or otherwise significantly reduced in value, an extra fee is charged.

Stolen tarpaulins or tarpaulins that are lost in other ways are the responsibility of the client and must be replaced. The lessor insures the tarpaulins against fire; an excess is payable (please refer to contract for further details). Rent is charged until return of the tarpaulins.


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