Snow-lifting tarp

Do you need to protect a surface from the evening’s snowfall? Snow does not disappear by itself, but with a snow-lifting tarpaulin you can simply lift it away.

Handy snow tarpaulinstarps

This device will help you remove any snow from your construction site in a matter of minutes. How? Simply make sure to cover the area with the snow-lifting tarpaulin before the snowfall and remove the snow that has accumulated during the night quickly and efficiently using the crane. An easy way of economising on time and money.

Needless to say, several overlapping snow tarpaulins can be laid out. After the snow fall, simply insert the crane’s lifting hook into the corner loops, one by one. The rope runs through the hem along the tarpaulin perimeter and the edges of the tarpaulin draw together to form a sack when the tarpaulin is lifted away by its corners.

The snow tarpaulin can also be used to lift light objects without sharp edges, e.g. insulation materials, or as a regular tarpaulin, providing a further range of uses.



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