Safety equipment

Do you need special fall-safety equipment, or systems to prevent danger from falling objects? Fall-safe nets and container nets are insurance against the injuries nobody wants on their watch, and against damage to objects.

Versatile container nets

Container nets are used to secure cargo in containers, on trailers and on vessels to prevent materials and objects falling off during transport. O.B. Wiik’s container nets are solid and easy to handle.

They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including covering goods that are placed outdoors, to prevent them from being carried away by the wind, or to protect fruit trees.

Fall-safe net

Securing people and material objects is important. Fall-safe nets are an easy way of maximising safety and preventing people or objects falling from great heights. Fall-safe nets can also be used together with finely-meshed nets to prevent smaller objects from falling onto busy areas, where they could injure people or damage cars and other property.

There are many areas of use, and fall-safe nets are so versatile that they can be mounted where other types of anti-fall devices are not an option. Moreover, fall-safety systems can be custom-made, creating a powerful and effective product – also in special openings and spaces where standard measurements won’t do.

Fall-safe nets can be used to secure open spaces between floor slabs during building works, to secure stairwells and lift shafts and as scaffolding rails for rehabilitation work on outer walls or on bridge and road-building projects.

Fall-safe nets are also used to secure the spaces alongside and between escalators. The nets are easy to mount and supplied in several standard sizes. Fall-safe nets are supplied in knotless PPM-quality (polypropylene multifilament), with a mesh width of 100 mm and thread thickness of 5 mm.



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