Promotional tents, canopies and gazebos

Are you setting up a tent or canopy, and want to promote your business? A promotional tent or gazebo where you can paint your message is just the thing. We can customise the entire surface of the tent to send your message. Possible use areas include stalls, wax tents, tents for sports events, etc.

Be visible

There are few products that can match the exposure level of promotional tents. They provide ample space for your design and message, giving you a chance to reach a large audience with your attitude and brand – or just publicise useful information.

Clients can use their own design, or use the standard colours we provide.

Neutral tents in standard colours can be supplied immediately from our stocks, while custom-printed tents will take a little longer to manufacture and deliver.

Teams, sports clubs and businesses traditionally use promotional tents to showcase their activities.

Because we provide a wide range of additional equipment our promotional tents can be used in all sorts of settings – the sky is the limit.

In the unlikely event of something going wrong, spare parts can be supplied directly from our warehouse.



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