What type of format – large or small? A tent or hall side? Most of our textiles are printable. We also deliver custom-made promotional products.

We print on just about anything

Light tarpaulins, PVC tarpaulins, sheets and inner sheets – our digital printers can print promotional messages on just about any surface you wish to cover.

Tent and hall tents are obvious places to display company logos. Even light-weight tarpaulins are surprisingly effective in promotion.

Construction sites with construction fences or scaffold covers provide large surfaces that can be used to enhance exposure, e.g. by covering them with the contractor’s or tradesperson’s name.

We have worked on fun, creative, unconventional jobs and achieved striking results. Through working together with the client, we hit on the perfect solution. If you have an idea of where or how you want to say something, let us know – we would like to help you say it.


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