Additional equipment

The WiikHall is highly versatile; the fabric buildings' ultimate use is determined by the additional equipment. Lighting, heating or transport and access systems differentiate standard WiikHalls (fabric building) from pure storage buildings and production premises, for example.

The customer decides

Tell us what you are going to use the hall for, and we will tell you what you need. Our long experience with different industries grants us unique insight into your needs.  Although you know your field, there will always be factors that you had not considered when designing a facility.

To complete the functionality of the hall, we offer everything from floors and flooring options to lighting, fire alarms, tables, chairs and other furnishings. Other examples of extra equipment include inner sheets, doors, gates, vehicle doors, vehicle ramps, ventilation, LED lighting, cooling, heating, dehumidification and solar panel solutions.

Talk with us, and we will map out your needs. We can deliver or make adaptations for all customer requests – either through taking charge as a turnkey supplier or by putting the customer in contact with subcontractors who can complete the order.



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