Do you need stands? We have a variety of stand solutions for hire.

Lined up in a row

All our stand systems, be they seated stands or standing terraces, can be set up quickly to handle a big audience. We have stands in stock and can quickly meet your needs.

There are many areas of use: school events, concerts, sporting events or fashion shows, to name a few. Seated stands can be built from four to 19 rows deep and at various widths, while standing terraces are built three or six rows deep. The stand systems can thereby easily be adapted to the space that is to be filled and the number of people who are to be seated.

For large events, we can also supply scaffolding stands at various heights, widths and depths.

Safety first

A well-built structure ensures safety. The seats themselves are installed so that they work as folding seats, thus clearing evacuation routes when people stand up. Railings are installed behind and on either side of the stands. The number of aisles and steps on the stands comply with applicable safety regulations.



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