Have you hired several O.B. Wiik products for your event? In that case, you have also hired promotional surfaces. We can cover fences and tent with the very message you wish to send.

See and be seen

Large events are very much about using one’s sense of sight. And once you have grabbed the attention of a large audience, why not make use of this opportunity to promote your business?

Fences, scaffolding gates and tents all have big surfaces for which we can supply printed sheets or tarps. The promotional products are adapted and attached to the surface that is set up and which can convey virtually any message. The name/logo of the event and sponsors are obvious messages, but instructions for the public, prices and other information are also suited to large formats. One could also have a purely commercial message.

We are happy to draw up proposals as to how the message can be designed and which materials can be utilised on the different surfaces. We recommend integrating the design of promotional materials with the event’s overall look and feel. Contact us, we are more than happy to help you with your marketing needs.


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