Lighting, heating and ventilation

Do you need to hire lighting, heating and ventilation products? Make the time spent in a hall or tent more comfortable and, not least, create an atmosphere.

Lighting, heating and ventilation for hire

By including lighting, heating or ventilation products in your hall or tent rental you expand its potential uses and gain a room that is much more inviting. All of the products are available for hire.


We have a wide range of different types of lighting products, with the possibility of putting lights on rigs and for dimming/controlling lights, so that you can fine-tune the mood you wish to create. We offer the following products:


Do you need a heated lounge where people can warm up during a sporting event? Or would you like to go for a pleasant temperature that gives an indoor feel? Our heating products enable you to create comfort. We offer the following products in this category:

  • Gas-powered hot air blower for heating tents
  • Stainless steel directional terrace heater with two heating elements of 2,000 W each (three-metre heating radius, gas powered)
  • Radiant heater on wheels (three settings: 1400–2800–4200 W)
  • Gas lamps, 17 kg gas.


Add to the comfort level of your guests deploying our ventilation systems.

  • Our dehumidification systems deliver a good, dry atmosphere to the tent or hall, giving you full control of air quality. In addition, they minimise heating costs as humid air feels colder, especially during the winter.
  • The cheapest way of preventing condensation is to use an extractor fan. All it needs is electricity. An extractor fan pulls in the fresh air, so that there is a balance between the outside and indoor temperature.

Do you have any special requirements or wishes? We are happy to help. Please get in touch so that we can work out the best solution together with you.



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