Fencing and security

Do you need fencing or security equipment for your event or building site? O.B. Wiik has the necessary items in stock and is ready for immediate delivery.

This far, but no farther

Areas are fenced in for all kinds of reasons – including wanting to keep people off limits. Are you hosting an event and need to section off the area or only let in a paying audience? Do you have valuable property that need to be protected? Or maybe you are in charge of a building site and need to safeguard security. In all cases, our fencing and security systems are dependable alternatives.

Crowd control, venue division and queue management

Temporary fencing is necessary when big crowds enter and exit concert areas or when keeping up a high level of security. Our high construction site fences effectively section off areas and protect whatever valuable property you may have behind the fence.

Festivals, building sites and warehouses often utilise building fences. The well-built, robust fence structures are easy to connect in rows and to lock. A solid, heavy rubber foot creates vertical stability.

The somewhat lower barrier fences, also known as crowd control barriers or Nadar barriers, are well suited for sectioning off areas and crowd management systems where one wished to steer the public in a specific direction. Concerts, festivals and sporting events often opt for barrier fences.

Providing marketing opportunities

A fence is just a fence, but once you have large, highly visible surfaces that reach out to a big audience, why not use them for marketing purposes? We can supply printed tarps and sheets with which to cover fencing, providing excellent opportunities to highlight the identity of the event or advertise sponsors/partners. Moreover, if one wishes to block visual access to the event, covering the fences would be a big plus.

At building sites, the surfaces can be used to advertise who is carrying out the work or show renderings of the construction that is being built, for example.



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