Décor and furnishings

Do you wish to create an even better atmosphere inside the tent? We have inner sheets, lining (roofing sheets), carpets and other furnishings for hire.

A good atmosphere

Nothing arises entirely on its own, and least of all ambience. But there are many things one can do to create a good backdrop for the right feel. We have a number of products for hire that enable you to create the desired atmosphere.

Seeing the big picture

The products should be combined and seen as a whole with all of the elements working together. For example, although lining/inner sheets are intended to cover the structure, they also have sound-absorbing properties. One achieves some of the same properties with carpets to cover the floors.

Often one does not know exactly what one wants or what is necessary, but talking with us with us can help identify your needs. We know how to create intimate, grand, informative or productive settings – depending on your specific needs.



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