WiikHall Vision model

This hall is often used as the main warehouse or distribution point for emergency aid. Its substantial storage capacity, solid structure and the possibility of including additional equipment mean that it can house vehicles or emergency aid equipment, including food, water purification systems, tarpaulins, blankets, generators or water tanks – in large volumes.

A multi-functional hall

The WiikHall Vision model consists of a hall structure in galvanised steel that is clad in flame-retardant polyester-reinforced PVC or with steel plates. On completion, it looks to all intents and purposes like a permanent building, and with the deployment of additional equipment such as entrance doors, gates, loading ramps, ventilation and lighting it can be utilised for a large range of purposes.

Typical examples of use are bulk storage, harbour warehouses and dehumidified storage. However, the tent has true multi-purpose potential and can also be utilised as a sports hall or aircraft hangar, requiring only a few modifications.

In any emergency aid situation, or in a broader context of potential uses, the Vision model is therefore the obvious choice.

The halls are supplied in different widths – from 15 metres up to 50 metres. Due to their modular structure, there is no limit to how long they can be extended.



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