WiikHall NEX

This emergency aid hall is 10 metres wide and can be built to an unlimited length in sections of four metres. The sizes most frequently used by the UN and NGOs are 10x24 and 10x32 metres.

Systematic flexibility

The primary feature of the WiikHall NEX is that it is easy to set up; no special tools in the form of cranes or other equipment is required. All tools necessary for assembly are included in the delivery together with detailed assembly instructions – this is useful when erecting a WiikHall NEX in the context of a crisis or sudden humanitarian situation.

Rapid set-up – rapid delivery

The hall is used for everything from food warehouses to workshop halls and schools. The hall is highly versatile and there are good reasons why it is frequently utilised by the UNHCR, UNICEF and NGOs.

Our advance warehouses around the world make it easy to carry out big shipments to virtually any destination in the world. For when a crisis arises, response time is vital. O.B. Wiik has many years’ experience in dispatching major shipments to all manner of health-related humanitarian crises or situations.

Although the sizes 10 x 24 and 10 x 32 metres are most often used by UN organisations and aid organisations, the WiikHall NEX can be set up with unlimited length and for many different purposes.

WiikHall NEX provides a number of advantages for emergency aid.

  • The WiikHall Aluminium Structure weighs less than its steel counterpart, resulting in much lower shipping costs, especially for air transport.
  • Each roof sheet is only four metres wide and weighs as little as 56 kg, making it possible for two people to easily handle a roof sheet. Roof sheet assembly is easy, even in windy conditions.
  • The lengthwise modules are four metres long, meaning that the tent’s length can be extended as required. All tent parts can be used interchangeably.
  • For example, if you have purchased two halls that are 10 x 32 metres each, you can also build a hall that is 10 x 28 metres and a hall that is 10 x 36 metres.
  • Alternatively, you can build a hall that is 10 x 64 metres in size if that best suits your requirements. All assembly of the hall can be carried out from ground level.
  • Since those assembling the tent do not need to climb onto the five-metre structure, we have reduced the risk of fall injuries. Quick assembly.
  • A trained six-member team can assemble a 10 x 32 metre WiikHall NEX in five to six hours.
  • In the event of tearing or breaking a roof sheet – it consists of a series of four-metre sections. You therefore only need to replace the broken section and not the entire hall sheeting.
  • The roof sheet is fastened to the structure with chains. The roof sheet that is to be replaced is pulled off and replaced by a new sheet – a matter of a few minutes.
  • If part of the framework is damaged, for example if a vehicle collides with and breaks a tent leg, you can remove the broken section and continue to use the tent in a version that is four metres shorter until spare parts have been delivered.


Video assembly guide / 1 minute version

A quick version.

Video Assembly guide – 53 minutes speed version


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