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For employees, a work tent represents safety. If you wish to fulfil HSE requirements and create comfort, WiikHall work tents are your solution – a simple way to protect people and expensive equipment.

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Work inside – work outside

There is a great deal of rough weather in Norway. A work tent from O.B. Wiik enables you to avoid the injuries and damage commonly experienced in outdoor work. The WiikHall series’ work tents are a good example of systematic safety and predictability.

The WiikHall work tent frees anyone engaged in constructing or rehabilitating a building from the constraints usually imposed by the natural elements. Our work tents eliminate dampness in the structure and thereby also potential lawsuits in the future. Not least, the advantages in terms of health and safety are substantial and can result in real savings. The work becomes more pleasant and timesaving for the employees, at the same time as productivity and quality are improved.

The construction industry demands work tents in a variety of sizes. At O.B. Wiik, you can hire exactly the size you need for your various projects. Naturally, you can also buy one; if it is in frequent use, such a purchase is a profitable investment.

It is no exaggeration to say that work tents can have many potential applications. Especially in the cold and wet seasons, they do much to meet the needs of a plumber or a carpenter. Laying concrete or other jobs where one needs protection from water are other areas that spring to mind – and of course work tents are useful for storing materials and tools.

Are you working on a job that will run for some time, perhaps with a surface in need of protection? Cover it with a WiikHall cover. We provide flexible solutions in terms of height, width and length.

Create a better working environment

Fixed measurements and standard sizes do not always fit. In those cases, our covers – which are designed for flexibility – can be custom-made to meet your needs.

Our weather protection can incorporate both sound and heat insulation. It can be portable, on wheels, tilted or vertical; in fact, most adaptations have been proven to work. We work every day to protect different types of industries and building sites from the weather. We have both practical experience and a close collaboration with our own engineering department, and can perform everything from simple to complex jobs.

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The WiikHall work tent is a last generation plastic hall from O.B.Wiik.

The work tent is a newly developed flexible model that covers any need for rapid and complete shelter. The solid aluminium structure is rapidly and efficiently assembled with the polyester reinforced flame retardant PVC sheeting.

The WiikHall work tent is supplied with a width size ranging from 4.5 to 20 metres. The modules are 3 m long and can be supplied in different wall heights. Even though the halls are generally easy and uncomplicated, they can be custom-made for special needs or adapted to complex tasks. A large warehouse with different types of work tents ensures rapid and correct delivery.

O.B.Wiik AS has more than 40 years of experience with solving the cover needs of developers and contractors on building sites through using tents. The company is the largest cover market actor and is pioneering in the development of new products and services.

O.B.Wiik is experiencing a substantially higher demand from the building industry for cover solutions. In the future, buildings will be constructed under building tents. This is because moisture problems are reduced, material management becomes more efficient and working conditions are improved under cover. The new regulations on technical requirements for building works (TEK) state that in the future the contracting industry shall build dry to eliminate consequential damages caused by damp weather and wind.

Adapted surroundings

The WiikHall work tent effectively shields the building site against neighbours.

Correct dimensions with rapid assembly

The work tent is a flexible and thoroughly tested hall concept that solves various needs of contractors during the construction period. The halls are supplied in a range of designs all of which are erected with strong aluminium arches and high quality sheet fabric.

Good working conditions

Inside the WiikHall work tent, employees can concentrate on carrying out professional work in light and dry surroundings. There is no need to spend time on wet building materials or clearing snow.

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