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Our steel halls can be used for almost anything. We make a point of the fact that steel halls can be used for a broad range of different purposes, with sport and multi-purpose use by municipalities being obvious examples.

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Storage tent

A storage tent can solve many problems at once. Maybe your company needs a bigger warehouse for goods, tools or something else entirely? We have practical storage tents that are the solution to most logistics problems that companies can experience today. A storage tent can be used in different ways, depending on how the situation changes for your business. If more space is needed, it can easily be arranged by making the storage tent longer, and in the same way the storage tent can be made smaller by shortening it.

It may also occur that a construction site must be moved. Maybe you are working on a project that spans a larger geographical area? Our storage tents can be moved depending on where the need arises. A storage tent has many advantages over a regular building. The strength lies in the flexibility. Our experience has taught us to be aware of what the industry requires and what features are in demand.

Customized solutions

We are good at customized solutions. We can develop a customized solution for you. Contact us and we will look at a solution together by focusing on your needs and we can design a solution that is perfect for you. We make sure that the storage tent meets all the requirements of the business. Our storage tents are of a high standard and are produced in high quality. You can look here, because we have pictures and information about all our models. It gives you a good overview of which models are right for your business.

After more than 40 years in the industry, we know which products are best suited for different purposes. We are happy to share our knowledge and make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied and that you are getting the right product that fits your needs exactly.

What is a storage tent and what is it used for?

Your business may suddenly need to be able to stock raw materials, machines, food or something else entirely. When a sudden situation arises, quick action is required. Our storage tents have many functional areas, and we supply storage tents to many different companies in different industries. Our broad customer base gives us knowledge about how needs can vary from industry to industry.

Whether you use your storage tent as a warehouse or as a shelter in a workplace – we have a variety of accessories to make your job easier. Our accessories are doors, lighting, heat, dehumidifiers and more.

A practical and useful storage tent

There is almost no limit to what our storage tents can be used for. Since the tent can be equipped with many different accessories, it can in principle function as a normal building. Some examples of what a storage tent can be used for are: sports hall, logistics hall, machine shop, warehouse and much more. The tent can also be extended or shortened, which allows it to be adapted to the needs of the business.

The local climate determines whether a tent needs to be insulated or not. All our tents are designed for the harsh climate. In Canada we have winters with snow and cold, as well as winds that can be stressful. Our storage tents can withstand the weather. Contact us to hear more about the type of models that fit in the environment you work in.

In the northern part of the country, the cold can be extreme and harsh. Our storage tents cope with temperatures from cold to warm, and the construction of the tents creates a stable foundation, which can be adapted with accessories to suit the different needs arising in different operations. Quality is a fundamental factor when building new storage tents. We have tents in stock that are built on standard dimensions to suit most businesses. But if you need a special solution, we will of course fix it.

Layout tent design

Our storage tents are of a high standard. A significant part of the production of the storage tent is the choice of materials we use. We choose carefully the materials in our production. Here we do not compromise on anything, because we know that good materials provide safe storage tents that last a long time. Safety is important in most workplaces, so we always test our products to ensure they meet our high safety standards. Since we are careful about material selection during the actual production, we produce storage tents that last a long time.

Design is the focus when it comes to the outside of the storage tent. A storage tent can be placed in different environments, such as at a construction site, in a harbor or in an urban location. The different environments cause wear and tear, so it is important to choose the right model so that you get the product that best suits your business needs. Regardless of whether the storage tent is to be used for a longer or shorter period, it should be blended into the immediate environment it is located in.

Storage tent with flexible applications

Do you currently need a temporary gym, storage tent or maybe something completely different? We have the solution and it’s called storage tent.

If the need arises elsewhere, the storage tent can easily be moved. We have been developing our products for many years, and our experience from the industry has taught us to focus on customer needs. Our website contains information about our different storage tents and what purposes they are used for. However, if you would like further information, such as the price of storage tents, the feature area or help comparing products, please contact us. Our staff is at your disposal and will be happy to help you.

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