Our pagoda tent or marquee stands out as being weather-resistant and able to withstand wind and outdoor use is our high peak tent. It is frequently seen at festivals or outdoor trade show areas. Using a high peak tent ensures visibility.

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Visible and robust

O.B. Wiik’s Pagoda tent is well suited to major outdoor events. The model can withstand adverse weather conditions and is especially popular where high visibility matters.

The Pagoda tent or folding marquee can be supplied in the following sizes: 3×3, 3×5, 4×4, 5×5, 10×10 metres.

These tents can be connected using roof gutters to reach the desired size.

The Pagoda tent models are well suited to private occasions, cultural events, sporting events and important occasions for both small and big companies.

Our pop-up marquees or high peak tents are supplied with strong aluminium frames and flame-retardant PVC sheets.

Tents for rent

  • 3x3m – wall height: 2,2m
  • 3x5m – wall height: 2,2m
  • 4x4m – wall height: 2,5m
  • 5x5m – wall height: 2,2 & 2,5m
  • 10x10m – wall height: 2,5m

Assembly instructions

  1. Lay out all the roof frame components to form a square.
  2. Assemble the roof frame: Connect the long eave bar (Item 2) to the corner fitting (Item 3).
  3. It is important that the recessed connecting groove in the centre faces downwards and points towards the long eave bar (Item 2).
  4. Connect the diagonal brace (Item 6) to the corner fittings (Item 3) and the top fitting (Item 5).
  5. Roll the roof sheet onto to one side of the roof frame and pull it down in two corners.
  6. Thereafter, pull the roof sheet over the top fitting.
  7. Assemble the click-on panels to connectors on the inside of all four sides of the edge (connecting grooves: Fig. B, Point 2)
  8. Control/press the click-on panel into the connecting grooves on the eave bar (Item 2. It may be a good idea to twist the click-on panel slightly, whilst pressing it into the connecting groove to help it fit more easily.
  9. Crawl under the roof by lifting up one of the long sides.
  10. Join the top pole and top cone together and attach to the top fitting (Item 5)
  11. Tighten the roof sheet by screwing the centre pole.
  12. Assemble the leg poles in pairs.
  13. With two people holding one tent pole each stand in each corner of the roof element, place your own foot on the base plate to prevent the pole from falling (Item 1) and lift the roof element up in two corners at the same time. The hole in the base plate should point inwards.
  14. Pull the top of the tent pole into the corner fitting (Item 3) so it stops at the button lock.
  15. Press the button lock and allow it to slide in and down ‘click’ (watch your fingers)
  16. Do the same with the other two legs (legs 3 and 4)
  17. Hang the walls
  18. Attach the walls to the connecting grooves on the eave bar (Item 2)
  19. Logos on walls shall always be inside the tent.
  20. The outside edges of the wall sheets are pulled down from the top and down into the connecting grooves in the tent poles.
  21. The zip of the wall must be fully open before pulling the wall sheet into the other leg.
  22. Assemble wall tension rods (Item 10) to pockets on the external side of the walls.
  23. Brackets must be attached to the grooves in the tension rods, which must be locked with R-spint (Fig. A.)
  24. Fold the edging downwards in all corners of the roof sheet.
  25. Drive two tent pegs into the ground at all four base plates (Fig. A. Point 8) If there is a lot of wind at the time of assembly, it is recommended to drive the tent pegs into the ground as soon as the tent is erected and all four leg poles have been assembled. To obtain the correct distance between the leg poles, assemble tension rods on all fours sides before assembling the walls. The tension rods (10) must then be removed before assembling the walls.

Accessory products

  • White roof sheet
  • White blackout roof sheet
  • Plastic flooring
  • Floor levelling boards
  • Floor built on a scaffold base (suitable for Nordic and Top tent 5x5m)
  • PVC walls with and without windows/blackout walls
  • PVC emergency exit wall
  • White wall panels and glass panels
  • Doors
  • General lighting
  • Heating/cooling
  • Roof lining for Nordic
  • Black roof and walls for top tent 5x5m

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