Market tents

A market tent for serving food and drink, ticket booth, sales tent – there are many possible uses for a market tent. The set-up provides room for a number of sales points using counters that are set up in the tent – not to mention the opportunity to promote the product being sold.

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Efficient sales space

When we talk about a concession tent, we are really talking about a stall for selling things, but on a larger scale, using a tent. The solution is especially popular for serving food and drink at major events and festivals.

During such events, customers often come in waves, e.g. between concerts or during breaks in matches. This means that service must be efficient to avoid long queues.

Promotional surfaces

Using a market tent is an ideal opportunity to market goods and display prices/menus. There are large surfaces below and above counters and elsewhere in the tent where one can set up tarpaulins with printed price lists, sponsor names and logos, lists of goods for sale, and more. Such promotion contributes to displaying the product range and ensuring that sales are conducted quickly.

The Market tents are supplied with strong aluminium frames and flame-retardant PVC sheets.

Size: 5 x 5 metres.


The following are included in the package when hiring a concession tent – levelled floor/counters and lighting
They can be built separately as a 5x5m tent or in a row extended with five-metre sections – 5×20/25m, etc.

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