Double decker

Would you like to hire a double decker? Our double decker halls give you two floors, large promotional surfaces and an exclusive feeling – all in a single product. The floors we supply are made of robust materials and sound structures, ensuring a safe tent experience.

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Spacious – and with a view

The double decker provides room for many people under the same roof – on two levels. A solid steel structure creates a safe framework, including the deck between the levels, where a solid floor is laid. One thereby has an exclusive setting for sponsor activities or other events, for example during sporting or cultural events.

Having two levels also provides the possibility of having several zones, a VIP area and, not least, utilisation of limited space in that one can divide the people over two floors. Gaining height also gives one an overview – useful during sporting events or concerts.

Delivered in widths of 10, 15 and 20 metres, extendable with five-metre long sections.

Many possibilities

Do you want additional equipment? All panels, glass exteriors, doors and stairs can be supplied for the double decker. If you wish to create a warm atmosphere in the tent a liner/inner sheet for the ceiling can be supplied.

A double decker turns you into a landmark in any terrain, providing an excellent opportunity to display your message, sponsor or partner on the many surfaces that are available for promotional purposes.

Technical information

Supplied in 10/15 and 20 m widths – can be extended with 5 m sections (a Nordic tent is assembled on the platform)
The tents must be supplied with a levelled floor


  • PVC walls with and without windows
  • White wall panels and glass panels
  • Doors
  • Railings
  • External scaffold staircases
  • General lighting
  • Heating/cooling

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