When it comes to a tent’s potential uses, one is only limited by one’s imagination. It can warm shivering athletes or house the memory of a lifetime in the form of a wedding. Small tents can be sales booths and big tents can host festivals.

What will you use your tent for?

Pop-up tent


Pop-up telt, quick-up telt, kjært barn har mange navn, noen kaller det også partytelt – dette er et lite og svært praktisk telt som er lett å ta opp og ned!

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Event tent – Marquee


Are you hosting an event? Choose a robust and durable tent from Norway’s leading tent supplier. The standard version of the party tent or marquee has a fixed width of six or nine metres. The pro version tent is reinforced to handle tough conditions typical for the Norwegian climate

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Our high-peak tent or pop-up marquee stands out as being weather-resistant and able to withstand wind and outdoor use is our high peak tent. It is frequently seen at festivals or outdoor trade show areas. Using a high peak tent ensures visibility.


Double decker


Would you like to hire a double decker? Our double decker halls give you two floors, large promotional surfaces and an exclusive feeling – all in a single product. The floors we supply are made of robust materials and sound structures, ensuring a safe tent experience.

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Market tent


A concession tent for serving food and drink, ticket booth, sales tent – there are many possible uses for a concession tent. The set-up provides room for a number of sales points using counters that are set up in the tent – not to mention the opportunity to promote the product being sold.

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