Customised products

Do you have special requirements? We can sew the product to your exact specifications. Technical textiles can easily be tailored to specific measurements.

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If it can be covered, we can manufacture it

We can measure up for you and manufacture in accordance with your specifications. Our professional team will ensure that we supply the quality and measurements you ordered.

Examples of our products include partitions for outdoor or indoor use, including rails and hanging devices, trailer covers for cars and tractors, pallet covers in all sizes, covers for the manufacturing industry, snow tarpaulins and boat tarpaulins.

We can meet very diverse needs – simply get in touch and we can quickly map out whether we can meet your requirements.

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Currently, "Høyblokka" is being restored in the Government Quarter behind a specially made canvas from O.B.Wiik. The special thing about the canvas is that it has a motif of Høyblokka so the public can still see the building even if scaffolding has been set up and the work is going well.