Tarpaulin and technical textiles

We supply sheets, tarpaulins and technical textiles in many qualities, thicknesses, dimensions and designs. Tarpaulins and technical textiles can be used to cover or protect structures or objects.

We also supply tarpaulins and technical textiles with print.

Light-weight tarpaulins


When people think of tarpaulins, typically they think of the light-weight tarpaulin design. These tarpaulins can cover most things and come in a large range of sizes.

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PVC tarpaulins


Do you want a solid, weather-resistant tarpaulin that withstands extreme conditions? Our strong PVC tarpaulins will meet your needs.

PVC tarpaulins2022-02-15T09:11:19-05:00

Scaffold covers


If you are having a lot of work done from scaffolds, protection from weather conditions is helpful. O.B. Wiik’s scaffolding covers are high-quality and protect both personnel and equipment on the scaffolds.

Scaffold covers2022-02-15T09:12:08-05:00

Snow-lifting tarp


Do you need to protect a surface from the evening’s snowfall? Snow does not disappear by itself, but with a snow-lifting tarpaulin you can simply lift it away.

Snow-lifting tarp2022-02-15T09:12:18-05:00

Customised products


Do you have special requirements? We can sew the product to your exact specifications. Technical textiles can easily be tailored to specific measurements.

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Safety equipment


Do you need special fall-safety equipment or systems to prevent danger from falling objects? Fall-safe nets and container nets are insurance against the injuries nobody wants on their watch, and against damage to objects.

Safety equipment2022-02-15T09:12:59-05:00