We have many different types of tables around which you can gather guests. Our table options are much used at festivals and events, and come in all sizes.

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Round, high and long tables

We have tables for all kinds of uses. Tables in combination with chairs or benches, high tables for stands and corporate hospitality purposes or round tables for dining.

Examples of our products include:

Standing table/cocktail table – in plastic Ø 81, H 110 cm.

Or how about a round table? Diameter 120/160/180 cm, this is a good dining or meeting table with room for 4/8/10 people. They are foldable with a grey table top and grey undercarriage.

We have foldable plastic tables that are 183×75 cm. They are designed to seat 6 guests. Grey table top with grey undercarriage.

How about a 122 x 61 cm conference table/exam desk. This is a foldable plastic table designed to seat 2-4 people. Grey table top with grey undercarriage.

How about a table-bench combination? They are 220×70 and 220×30 cm.

They are all built to last, in solid materials that can withstand use by large groups of people. That is why you see them in use across the whole country.

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