Furniture and accessories

Do you have premises, but nothing to furnish them with? Or a tent that has been bought or hired, but needs something to fill it with?

As an event supplier, we have built up a portfolio of the kind of products required for dining, seating, comfort and security.



We have many different types of tables around which you can gather guests. Our table options are much used at festivals and events, and come in all sizes.




Chairs to sit on? O.B. Wiik has a number of chairs and benches. All of them are suited to creating efficient seating in premises, whether for concerts or dining.


Benches and tables


This is a superb set for summer parties or other company events. Our tables and bench sets are high quality and can be placed outdoors.

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Décor and furnishings


Do you wish to create an even better atmosphere inside the tent? We have inner sheets, lining (roofing sheets), carpets and other furnishings for hire.

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Flooring options


A good footing in the tents and halls makes a difference. Our floor solutions provide a good foundation where necessary (such as on fields and lawns) and a good ambience when the occasion so requires.

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Table cloth and linen


Do your tables need setting? Do you have anything that needs covering? We have a variety of table cloths and linen plans that will help you set a beautiful table.

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