Consert and Event buildings

Do you need a concert hall or are you hosting an event that involves audio-visual elements? Hiring a concert hall will meet your needs. A large, spacious structure that allows the assembly of heavy sound and lighting equipment above the audience makes this a complete product.

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Big tents for big experiences

Our concert halls are in a class of their own when it comes to creating concert experiences – or if you wish to create a holistic and spacious ambience by including a stage, for example. The concert hall shuts out the outside world and creates a sense of sharing the same experience.

Our concert hall consists of a big, solid steel structure clad in sheets. It has high walls and is designed to permit suspension of heavy lighting and sound systems. In practice, this means that the concert hall is both a shelter and rig in one.

Create the atmosphere you want

Suspending lights or PA systems from the structure means that there is plenty of floor space for people. In combination with flooring and stage options, this creates the perfect arena for sharing special moments. The hall is supplied with sound traps that improve its acoustics and the sound source.

Concerts, tradeshows and products launches are just a few examples of events that can be enhanced using a concert hall.

Delivered in widths of 10, 15, 30 and 40 metres and unlimited lengths.

Big and small stages

Although memorable experiences are just as likely to emanate from small stages as large ones, we supply stages in all sizes – including large ones. O.B. Wiik stages can serve many different types of events, and our stages are often included as part of a total package.

The stage itself consists of a robust floor that is laid on top of an adjustable scaffolding system that can be assembled in different sizes.

The optional equipment you might need

Our stages are height-adjustable, and can be supplied with stairs, railings, hatches, laid cables and PA wings as required.

Do you need other products for your event? All of our products can be scaled up to the size you desire. Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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