Do you have a short-term need for our products, for instance for an event?

Many of our robust products are also available for hire, giving you access to the renowned O.B. Wiik quality at a competitive rate.



When it comes to a tent’s potential uses, one is only limited by one’s imagination. It can warm shivering athletes or house the memory of a lifetime in the form of a wedding. Small tents can be sales booths and big tents can host festivals. What will you use your tent for?


Consert and Event buildings


Do you need a concert hall or are you hosting an event that involves audio-visual elements? Hiring a concert hall will meet your needs. A large, spacious structure that allows the assembly of heavy sound and lighting equipment above the audience makes this a complete product.

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If you want to create a successful event, you need a whole lot of planning and consider many details. We have extensive experience in rigging both small and large events. We can help you with all the equipment you need to make an event successful. Our experienced team is ready to help you any time.

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