Warehouse buildings

Although our warehouse building is our steel building in its simplest form, it is in fact far from simple. A warehouse building in steel provides the best conditions for storage of dry bulk or uncompacted materials, among other things.

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Stores most things

If you need a roof over your head for big volumes of uncompacted masses, our warehouse hall is the optimum solution. Very many bulk materials, such as sand, minerals, salt and crushed stone or packed cargo that need a roof over their head can be stored in our warehouse hall.

The warehouse hall consists of solid steel structures that are clad in steel plates on the outside. The warehouse hall has a relatively short assembly time and is therefore a good alternative to regular buildings, which take longer to build. Moreover, a warehouse hall can withstand weather of all sorts and provides good protection for the loose bulk or products that it is set up to protect.

Do you need additional equipment or do you have special requirements? The warehouse hall can be supplied with a number of facilities to expand its functionality, such as vehicle doors, lighting, ramps or dehumidification. Feel free to tell us about your field and needs, and we can then draw up a proposal outlining which warehouse hall best accommodates your needs.

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