Industrial buildings

A steel frame and solid cladding turn the hall into ideal production premises for industrial purposes. Expensive machinery and big production lines are housed in our industrial buildings.

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Protecting values

Our industrial buildings are often used for expensive and sensitive equipment. That is because our facilities represent a quick, flexible and cost-effective way of increasing production capacity, permanently or temporarily. Moreover, with our many options for industrial buildings, most products can be manufactured within them.

Modern industrial buildings pose many requirements to design and facilities. We deliver additional equipment that takes care of manufacturing equipment and goods, either directly or via subcontractors. Vehicle doors, ramps and mezzanines for storage are a few examples. We also provide partitions or movable walls enabling you to divide the production into zones.

For all intents and purposes, an industrial building in steel looks like a permanent building, but offers potential for great savings compared with traditional building. The advantage lies in the scalability.