Building accessories

Tell us what to use the hall for, and we can assist you with what you need from accessories. Our long experience with different types of business gives us a unique insight into what you need.

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We have a huge selection of accessories

To complete the function of the hall we offer everything from flooring and flooring solutions to lights, fire alarms, tables, chairs and other furniture. Interior cloths, doors, gates, doorways, drive ramps, ventilation, LED lighting, cooling, heating, dehumidification and solar panel solutions are other examples of optional equipment.

Talk to us and we will map the needs. Everything that the customer asks for, we can supply or arrange for. Either by being responsible for the total delivery or by putting the customer in contact with subcontractors who can complete the order.

obwiik furniture and accessories flooring
Flooring options
obwiik scaffolding systems
Scaffolding systems
obwiik fencing security
Fencing and security
obwiik vehicle mats
Vehicle mats

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