We manufacture buildings in a range of sizes, from 10 metres’ width and upwards. Freedom of choice is one of the cornerstones in our approach to design, and the WiikHall is adaptable to different climate and weather conditions.

Delivery times are short, and we only use robust materials designed for Norwegian conditions.

Warehouse buildings


Although our warehouse building is our steel building in its simplest form, it is in fact far from simple. A warehouse building in steel provides the best conditions for storage of dry bulk or uncompacted materials, among other things.

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Fabric covered buildings


Our pre-engineered fabric buildings are the well-known WiikHall, built with a structure of aluminum or steel and PVC covers. It is a versatile structure that can be used for almost anything and filled with whatever one wishes.

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Building accessories


Tell us what to use the hall for, and we can assist you with what you need from accessories. Our long experience with different types of business gives us a unique insight into what you need. 

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Bulk storage


O.B.Wiik has for many years provided solutions for mass storage in bulk. This can be salt, sand, gravel, crushed stone, soil, grain, pellets, waste and the like. It's almost just the imagination that sets the boundaries.

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Steel buildings


With a frame of steel and solid cladding in steel plates, you create good manufacturing premises for the industry. Expensive machinery is getting a head start in our steel buildings. Our steel halls are also used as agricultural buildings. With good protection for livestock, people and machinery, our agricultural buildings are a good alternative to traditional farm buildings.

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Warehouse Building


We offer warehouses of all sizes which meet the requirements that the industry demands and expects. We can also supply customized solutions to your business.

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Agricultural buildings


Many customers are interested in using our steel halls as agricultural buildings. Offering good protection for livestock, people and machinery, our agricultural buildings are a good alternative to traditional outbuildings.

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Multi-purpose buildings


Our steel buildings (halls) can be used for almost anything. We make a point of the fact that steel halls can be used for a broad range of different purposes, with sport and multi-purpose use by municipalities being obvious examples. Compared with traditional buildings, multi-purpose halls offer potential for big savings.

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Inuslated fabric buildings


Insulated halls are based on the standard WiikHall, and can be employed for a range of different uses. Insulated halls are equipped with an insulating sheet that makes all the differences and provides protection from cold surroundings.

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