Every two years, the student festival UKA takes place in Trondheim. It is the country’s largest cultural festival and the oldest student week in Norway and is based on long traditions. The focus is to create a broad and engaging cultural offering, for all the city’s inhabitants.

A big event
In total, there are over 1,800 volunteers from all universities and colleges who ensure UKA is carried out. It is the students themselves who run the whole organization and create this great cultural offering. During UKA it should be possible to find something that suits every taste. There is everything from Bingo, wine tastings and debates, to drag shows, concerts, and not at least revues.

Concert venue from O.B.Wiik
This year, O.B.Wiik has been fortunate enough to be allowed to deliver the Main Stage of “Valley of Death” – a giant of 40x80m, where many concerts are performed in all genres. In addition, lots of stalls have been delivered that complete the concert experience.
In the past, UKA has had a tent standing on pillars, but with O.B.Wiik’s solution, they now get a concert venue without interruption for those in the hall. As a result, up to 6,000 spectators can watch Alan Walker and Veronica Maggio or enjoy the October party. With a total of 16 meters to the ceiling, it facilitates a pleasant and experience in spacious surroundings.



We wish everyone in a wonderful cultural month!