The environment around us is one of the things we think about most when we make products. We want our work to have as low an environmental impact as possible. But, like everyone else, we must acknowledge that we have an imprint on the planet. As a certified Eco-Lighthouse, we are committed to taking responsibility for this impact. This entails continuous improvement of environmental conditions and our CO2 emissions, and to comply with the regulatory requirements and requirements imposed by O.B.Wiik. An important part of that is to recycle and reuse everything we can. Here you can get to know how we at O.B.Wiik work with just that.

Products that last
O.B.Wiik are known for quality. It is part of our identity to deliver high quality products. The products should withstand the job they are set to do, and just as importantly, they should last for a long time, preferably with several owners. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you buy a product from O.B.Wiik you get a product that is meant to last for many years. And when you’re done with it, it’s reused or recycled.

Collection and recycling
You should not see an O.B.Wiik product in nature. Everything we make we take ownership of. Through, among other things, membership in RENAS and Green Point Norway, we ensure that the packaging we put on the market is also collected again. And after the products are collected, they are either reused, turned into new products, recycled, or properly delivered at specialized facilities.

A life after death
Our products are made from materials that have a long service life, and we constantly demand new and improved technology. It’s important not only because customers should be satisfied, but because the footprint of each delivery is as low as possible. When we make products, we always do it with the idea that they should be reused once they retire from their original place.
We also collect used PVC tassels, clean them, cut them up and weld them together into new tarpaulins for sale in our online store. In larger projects, entire buildings can be dismantled and moved, as with the temporary Jordal Amfi that became Crows Moss’ new home ground.

Metal recycling
The skeleton in the buildings is also reused. Close to 90% of the steel we use is made as standard modules. This allows it to be easily used further in new projects and thus has a long lifespan. If special structures are made that cannot be reused, they are recycled into new steel, to the delight of someone else. We also use aluminum which is highly environmentally friendly product. Around 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use, because used aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality. Only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum is needed to remelt aluminum for new purposes.

Upcycling – From tent to bag
Through a partnership with the Danish recycling company Tarprec, we ensure that old products have a new life – in a completely new role. Together we turn old tent cloths, tarpaulins and similar materials into bags, wallets, and PC bags. Thus, the products get as long service life as possible, even if they are no longer used for their original purpose. We have some products out already and more are on the way. Would you like an environmentally friendly bag? Check out our online store 😊

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