The world’s biggest football cup. 1,600 team from all over the world. 6,000 matches. Memories for life for the 32,000 boys and girls who compete. We are proud to take part in creating the framework around the Norway Cup.

Over 20 years of play and sporting enjoyment

Few of the projects that O.B. Wiik is involved in equal the Norway Cup in terms of size and prestige. And it is a gratifying job. That’s why we like to do it again and again, year after year. See the results in the video below.

An all-round supplier to Norway Cup

Most of the tents, halls, stages, fences, marketing materials and stands that one sees are supplied by O.B. Wiik. Over the course of 20 years, we have gained knowledge about how to execute, set up and take down such a big event quickly and efficiently.

All the work is carried out in X days and is planned in close cooperation with the organiser, Bækkelaget’s Sports Club.

There are few other places where so many of O.B. Wiik’s products are in use at the same time, so if you would like to visit a “showroom” for our products, Ekebergsletta at the beginning of August is an ideal opportunity.