Major artists, charming service areas and parties in tents and halls.
We helped Øyafestivalen rock Oslo.

The Cure, Ricochets, Robyn, Sigrid and many more experienced an ocean of fans enjoying their music from the festival’s many stages. Øyafestivalen is 20 years old, and has developed into a well-run music festival where everything runs smoothly.

Big stars and good food and drink are essential for a major festival to be successful. But halls, stages, security and tents are also vital. And us at O.B. Wiik were obviously ready to rig the festival

Vi rigged everything from small bar tents to large concert halls. Circus Stage, was a complete concert hall where artists entertained their audiences on a 40 metre-wide stage. The Club was Øya’s concert venue for electronic productions Well-known DJs delivered their sound from the Club’s more intimate tent, 20×25 metres in size.
Cosy pop-up tents, pagodas and concession tents were turned into a city of restaurants. The public and musicians alike enjoyed themselves thoroughly in this marquee city which offered an exciting choice of food and drink. The tents endured the weather, wind and stood firm throughout the festival, of course.
One of Norway’s best music festivals impressed yet again, and us at O.B. Wiik are proud to have contributed to such an awesome event. Rock on! Or rig on – as we would say.

For Oslo’s biggest music festival, we supplied:

  • Pop-up tents for restaurants throughout the entire festival area
  • Security fencing around Tøyen Park
  • Circus Stage – Giant 40M – Complete concert hall including stage
  • The Club – Nordic 20M Curved – Complete concert venue including stage
  • Stalls / dressing rooms / food and drink areas
  • Changing rooms and handicap ramps, stalls and food areas, flooring and scaffolding
  • Scaffold stairs – stair system laid into the ground
  • Scaffolding systems built on uneven terrain with or without a tent
  • HC – Ramps
  • Various flooring solutions