Once again it was O.B. Wiik who was responsible for the tent solution when NRK’s annual fundraiser, P3 Action, re-signed in mid-October. For a full 100 hours, the presenters in the tent kept going to raise money for WWF and their fight against plastic in the ocean. After being tattooed, hung from the ceiling with hooks in the back and transformed into Shrek, the result was 7,869,925 NOK collected.

At O.B. Wiik, we are incredibly happy and proud to be able to deliver good solutions for good purposes. For this cause we delivered a frame tent with glass facades. It provided good visibility for passers-by, while the tv viewers had a nice view of the surroundings on Solsiden, in Trondheim. The tent was delivered with white insulated panel walls, so although autumn was in full swing, the insulation provided good temperatures for those inside.

Our frame tents are highly flexible and can be adapted to most needs. This makes them suitable for a whole range of applications. It is quality tents designed to withstand Nordic weather, while being easy to set up.