It is not only troops from Norway and abroad who participate in military exercises. This winter, O.B.Wiik was also present with several tents and accessories to help the soldiers through the exercise in Northern Norway’s winter weather.

Tents for soldiers
The delivery consisted of several different tents with somewhat different functions. But common to everything was that they should assist in emergency preparedness during the exercise. All tents had floors, doors, lights, and electrical systems in place. In addition, the tents were adapted to the application that they had. Thus, we finally delivered 3 different types of tents:

  • Sanitary tents with toilets, urinals, hand washing, water and drains, electrical systems and of course heat. This allowed the soldiers to make their way in comfortable surroundings between heavy exercises.
  • Fore Tents In addition to heating, lighting, electronics and floors, Fore tents had partitions with field beds and luggage racks. Thus, it was a suitable place of residence for the troops and the opportunity to lodge many soldiers for the night.
  • Storage tent with folding gate which is ideal for storing whatever the troops want.


Extensive experience with tents for military use
We have several times previously delivered equipment for military exercises and similar missions that have very special needs. Through our long experience in emergency relief all over the world, we have acquired a unique expertise in this field. O.B.Wiik is always ready to set up temporary camps to meet human needs in extreme situations.

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