Right now, seven O.B.Wiik employees are training hard before embarking on a nine-day trip across Svalbard in April. We have gained a little insight into their training and heard how they prepare.

Good preparations
The planning that started in August last year requires a little more preparation than a regular Easter trip with chocolate treats in a bag. Every day they will walk stages of up to 8 hours in rough terrain. This has required many hours of training, pulling tires behind them which simulates the 40 kg sledges they will take with them on the trip.

A first and last collection

After many Covid-friendly team meetings, the group finally held a gathering at Haukeli, in mid-March. Of course, it is far better to meet face to face than online. There were test trips, overnight stays outdoors and testing of equipment to ensure that everything works as it should and that you stay warm. The weather on Svalbard in April can vary from Easter conditions with around 0 degrees and sun to less than -20 degrees. In other words, it must be packed well with equipment to handle the various challenges the Arctic presents.

A demanding trip

Of a total of 5 categories, this is a category 4 trip, in comparison, crossing Greenland would be a category 5. It is therefore not a trip to take lightly. Although the preparations have been going on for a while, a lot is being done at the last minute. “It’s weird, no matter how much time you have, it always ends with an all-out effort when it’s approaching go time, but we are well prepared and ready for the trip and we are all happy that we are working in a workplace that makes this trip possible! ” is the message from the group.

Proud colleagues cheer on the mainland

We are very pleased that the team from O.B.Wiik is now ready for departure. It is fun to see that our colleagues come up with exciting things together and something we are happy to sponsor. We are proud to send this sporty group on a trip to the Arctic as representatives of O.B.Wiik. Good luck with the preparations and good luck when the time comes!

We will follow the journey further here and on social media 😊