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O.B.Wiik builds giant building for self-driving vehicles

O.B.Wiik has won a contract with AstaZero AB ( in Sweden on delivery of the world’s largest fabric building.

AstaZero AB is a high-tech company with a focus on the research and development of active traffic safety and operates, among other things, the world’s only full-scale test environment outside Borås in Sweden. AstaZero AB is owned by the Research Institute of Sweden AB and Chalmers University of Technology.

The building from O.B.Wiik will be 700 meters long and 40 meters wide, with a central section of 140 meters that will be 60 meters wide. The building will be ready for use by February 2021 and will be used as an indoor test track for the development of self-driving vehicles.

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«Based on our evaluation of all tenders received, O.B.Wiik was an obvious first choice for us. Through its high quality of offers as well as expertise and experience from previous deliveries of large buildings, we are confident that O.B.Wiik will deliver this important project in accordance with our high expectations of quality and delivery ability», says Peter Janevik, MD of AstaZero AB.

«We at O.B.Wiik are proud and happy to have been awarded this important contract by AstaZero AB. For us, this is further proof of O.B.Wiik’s attractiveness in the market and that our high focus on competence, quality and delivery ability make us a preferred partner.», says CEO of O.B.Wiik, Paal Tønsberg.

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