Currently, “Høyblokka” is being restored in the Government Quarter behind a specially made canvas from O.B.Wiik. The special thing about the canvas is that it has a motif of Høyblokka, so the public can still see the building even if scaffolding has been set up and the work is going well.

Currently, this is a method that is more common in Europe, but we are pleased that Statsbygg has chosen this solution. This makes the construction period nicer for the surroundings, especially when it comes to a prominent  building such as Høyblokka.

The fabric is a hollow fabric / mesh (350/380. PVC) with 4 color printing. In total, there is approx. 5600m2 of canvas that covers the long sides of the building. Each canvas is 43 meters long and between 125cm and 320cm wide. It takes a little more work to get it done, but the result makes it worth the work 😊