NATO meeting 🎪

Recently, more than 250 delegates and 300 members of the press gathered in Oslo in NATO’s summit. All of NATO's [...]

Adjustable tent

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our Instant and WI Instant series is their versatillity and ability to adapt to [...]

O.B.Wiik Maritime

Saltwater, weather and wind makes the halls located in ports and along the coast extra exposed to wear and [...]

Femern tunnel

Femern tunnel project connecting Danmark and Germany with a 18 km undersea tunnel is one of the biggest infrastructure [...]

Lollapalooza Stockholm

This summer we have delivered solutions for festivals and happenings everywhere! Here, som pictures of the assembling of [...]

Have a great summer! 🌞

We put two eventful quarters behind us and replace the computer, drawing board and protective PVC tarpaulins with sunscreen, crosswords [...]


A bulkhall is perfect for storage of sand, sawdust, soil, grain, waste or any kind of masses.The solid fundament [...]

Hall accessories

Tell us what you are going to use the hall for, and we can assist with what accessories you need. [...]

LARGE projects

Last year we delivered the world's largest tent hall to AstaZero. This year we follow up with another giant [...]

Skanska work tent

A work tent makes everything so much easier! With good light, high ceilings and a large gate, this tent [...]

Giant hall

This is not small stuff! In February we are building a hall that is a whopping 323 meters long and [...]

Hanstholm Harbor

In the newly constructed harbor area in Hanstholm, there is now a new and beautiful warehouse. As it is located [...]

Top form Padelhall

- Everyone who plays padel here is incredibly pleased! That's what Jan Ove Dagestad says in ToppFrom Trening [...]

Paddle Royal

How about a round of paddle before a trip to the sauna? Anything is possible with a hall from [...]


SDK shipping has a new great hall of 2100 m2. With the logo clearly visible towards the road, everyone can [...]


Powerful and flexible - a hybrid hall gives you the advantages of a tent hall and steel hall in one [...]

M/S Bjørvika

The "culture boat" M/S Bjørvika is ready for summer with a brand-new O.B.Wiik tent on deck. With a rebuilt framework [...]

Torguka 2021

This is what it looked like when O.B.Wiik delivered a whole bunch of tents and accessories to Torguka 2021 and [...]

Bypass Stockholm

If you work with long distances, the place of work must be constantly moved. With work tents from O.B.Wiik it [...]

Piteå Wind Farm

Did you know that uninsulated tents can also be used in cold sub-zero temperatures? 🥶 Our tents are so dense [...]

Solar work tent

Sometimes you need help quickly ⏱️ This customer suddenly needed more space. And even before we have time to say, [...]


Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it affects us in O.B.Wiik in a good [...]

Test station

A test station has been delivered to Kongsberg municipality to be used for testing for COVID-19. The layout consists of [...]

Anne på Landet

In the middle of Frognerparken is the restaurant Anne på Landet. There, O.B.Wiik has now delivered a restaurant tent of [...]


The waste facility Bjornstaddalen outside Skien has received two new O.B.Wiik halls of 8m x 37m and 25m x 60m,complete with fans, overhead doors, man doors, and other accessories.

Svalbard – update

After a night in Longyearbyen, our energetic colleagues have now got off to a good start with the expedition on Svalbard.


Currently, "Høyblokka" is being restored in the Government Quarter behind a specially made canvas from O.B.Wiik. The special thing about the canvas is that it has a motif of Høyblokka so the public can still see the building even if scaffolding has been set up and the work is going well.

O.B.Wiik on a trip across Svalbard

Right now, seven O.B.Wiik employees are training hard before embarking on a nine-day trip across Svalbard in April. We have gained a little insight into their training and heard how they prepare.

Did you know that O.B.Wiik is now on Instagram?

Not bad for a 109-year-old 😊 On our page we post photos and videos of our projects so you can see how we work, what we offer and how our solutions are used for a wide range of tasks. Feel free to follow us and get an insight into our world!

Safe mass vaccination with O.B.Wiik

O.B.Wiik has everything needed to set up complete vaccination stations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have contributed our solutions in infection control to test stations. In addition, we have extensive experience in delivering quality products for emergency and medical assistance and know what is required of solutions within this segment.

Tent halls in extreme conditions in Greenland

Sometimes there are projects that require extra of us. This is one of them. We are now in the completion phase of a project that includes a total of 7 halls to be delivered to Munck AS, in connection with two large airport projects they are working on.

Agder Idrettskrets

“Training camp" is an annual event for children and young people which is held at Hove, just outside Arendal, by [...]

Accommodating memories for life

It is not every day that one is able to take part in celebrating a 150-year old’s birthday. See how the magnificent celebration of DNV GL was done – in a truly unique and spectacular party venue.

Room for light and heat

Before reaching you, it is likely that your nice, dry logs of firewood were sheltered and kept dry under an O.B. Wiik roof. Norway’s biggest firewood producer has 10 WiikHalls in use.

Room for sporting enjoyment

Few of the projects that O.B. Wiik is involved in equal the Norway Cup in terms of size and prestige. And it is a gratifying job. That’s why we like to do it again and again, year after year. See the results in the video below.

Sports and recreation

In the fall of 2018 a brand new ice hall will be ready replace the iconic Jordan Amfi hall in Oslo, Norway. In the meantime a fully functional temporary facility built by O.B.Wiik will tend to the icy needs of the community.

Bulk storage from O.B. Wiik

It takes a lot of salt to keep the Norwegian roads free of ice and snow in the winter. With help from O.B. Wiik, Mesta can store 25,000 tonnes of road salt at the quay in Filipstad!

Commercial and storage

Many companies lease warehouse facilities at Borg Harbour in Østfold. The company in charge of harbour operations has therefore selected warehouse buildings from O.B. Wiik to provide flexible facilities customised to the different lessees.