Be seen. Be heard. With tents, banners, tarpaulins or sheets covered with advertising and prints, you can promote yourself and communicate whatever message you wish. Choose the format you want – large or small.

Think big

Do you have something important to say, or do you just wish to display your company logo? Do you have an extra wall that could be used as advertising space? With a print on a sheet or PVC tarp, the sky is the limit. If you have a big WiikHall, we can also assist by providing print on the sheeting, enabling you to set a permanent mark on the hall and advertise your presence.

Print on tarpaulin can be a way of telling your surroundings which company is performing the construction work: printed tarpaulins can also be hung up for promotional purposes.

The sheets are also functional in that they offer protection – they are often used as an outer layer on top of a hall or tarpaulin, or for covering scaffolding, fences or building sites.

There is almost no limit to potential ways for marketing. In all instances, our large format printer stands ready to supply promotional textile products.

Be visible – use a tent

Are you and your team registered for a sporting event? At sporting events, facilities for equipment are usually needed, e.g. “sheds” or tents for storing sports equipment, tents for bicycle repair, ski-waxing tents or tents near the starting and finishing lines, where competitors can change clothes and prepare.

These are tents that allow you to have your design on every surface. Imaginative visual designs and logos are given free rein to “stand out” among the competition. Printed sports tents are popular at major sporting events, but can of course also be used anywhere else. The fact that they offer protection from rough weather no doubt partly accounts for their popularity.

Marketing products

obwiik promotional print

Promotional products

If you want to spread your message, logo or business image, printing on different materials and products with large surfaces is the way to go and a way of reaching out to a large audience. And if you want something out of the ordinary, we are there to help you customise the product.

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obwiik tents high peak tent

High peak tents

Our high-peak tent or pop-up marquee stands out as being weather-resistant and able to withstand wind and outdoor use is our high peak tent. It is frequently seen at festivals or outdoor trade show areas. Using a high peak tent ensures visibility.

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obwiik pop up tents

Pop-up tent

A pop-up tent, quick-up tent, folding canopy, or pop-up shelter some people even call it a party tent – regardless of the name we give to it, the most important thing is that it is a small, highly practical tent that is easy to set up and take down!

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obwiik tents frame tent party tent marquee

Event tents

Event tents or full-sized marquees This is are a good solution for a trade show, exhibition, canteen or small festival. Perhaps one does not need a whole hall, but want a large surface area and plenty space – a frame tent is just what you need.

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obwiik tents double decker

Double decker

Would you like to hire a double decker? Our double decker halls give you two floors, large promotional surfaces and an exclusive feeling – all in a single product. The floors we supply are made of robust materials and sound structures, ensuring a safe tent experience.

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obwiik fencing security

Fencing and security

Do you need fencing or security equipment for your event or building site? O.B. Wiik has the necessary items in stock and is ready for immediate delivery.

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