Machinery, vehicles, stock and electronics all pose specific requirements to premises. Manufacturing companies for their part have a particular need for solutions that accommodate growth. Halls from O.B. Wiik are able to meet all these requirements.

The flexible production hall

Regardless of which goods one produces, a WiikHall or steel hall can meet short-term and long-term needs. WiikHalls can be expanded when necessary, reduced in size as needed and will be a safe and secure place for production lines and goods, regardless of location or weather.

A WiikHall or steel hall can be equipped to meet all the needs of modern manufacturing businesses. Ramps, vehicle doors, mezzanines, dehumidification, ventilation, heating, lighting – everything is prepared and provided for in our calculation software so that you will be supplied with exactly the production hall you require, both in the short and long term. Looking for a permanent solution? A WiikHall or steel hall is a good alternative to regular buildings.

Compared with permanent buildings, WiikHalls have the advantage that they are quickly assembled and taken down, so that one can easily adjust the size of the production premises in accordance with production needs – in busy periods and downturns.

It is worth remembering that O.B. Wiik’s halls are built for Norwegian conditions, and all that entails in terms of snow and storms, with solid structures in steel or aluminium and sheet cladding and strong, durable quality seams.

Industrial products