Hotels, restaurants and catering companies often have sudden needs for bigger premises to accommodate people or food production – or both. O.B. Wiik is there to help handle the heavy workload.

A changing industry

Growing pains? Expanding your dining area? Temporary kitchen solutions? Perhaps you are setting up an event or seminar that is bigger than usual? The reasons why HoReCa companies need a bigger roof over their heads may vary, but they all require solutions that provide for good working conditions, offer protection from the weather, and that are in place for some time – often throughout a summer or tourist season.

HoReCa companies are also subject to market fluctuations and may require more short-term solutions that help them handle the workload for specific periods. Our experience is that they appreciate the flexibility which tent solutions or, on a grander scale, a hall can provide.

Whether stand-alone or in connection with established premises, O.B. Wiik delivers customised solutions – tents, sheeting, tarpaulins, heating, lighting, tables, chairs and toilet facilities. Kitchens and work premises can be screened off and ventilated.

Seasonal or one-off events

For a truly large event, a WiikHall may be the right solution. The WiikHall has a flexible design which makes it is easy to extend or reduce the size as needed. In any case, both tents and halls are quick to set up, easy to disassemble and help resolve immediate needs.

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