Football hall

Are you going to build a football hall? A football hall is a good and flexible solution that ensures good football experiences for young people and adults for a long time. It is a popular solution that can be easily expanded, reduced, moved, or rented out to others. In other words, it is easy to adjust in line with needs and financial conditions, and can, for example, be changed to a multi-purpose hall.

Training all year round with a football hall

Our halls are designed to handle extreme weather that can occur when living in the Nordic countries. Whether it is hot summer days or cold winter nights, there will be a stable temperature inside. It provides good conditions for football training all year round.

Customize your football hall

A football hall from O.B. Wiik can be set up according to your wishes. Dehumidification systems, gates, lighting, cooling, heating, grandstands and cloakroom systems can be designed and delivered in a complete package. Together with favorable financing schemes and low maintenance costs, our football hall will often be the best alternative for many sports teams.

Build a hall with a long duration

We always make our halls from durable materials. Quality is what characterizes O.B.Wiik, that is also why our football halls last so long. Good materials provide long life and great experiences. A football hall will in many cases function as a permanent building.

Make your mark on the football hall

It is important to us that your football hall should not only be functional and safe, but also fit into the environment. We therefore go to great lengths to adapt the design to your wishes, both for the sake of those who order and the profile of the surrounding area. It also means that we can put your own design in the hall by deciding colors or adding logos and printing on the canvas.

Are you considering building a football hall?
Contact us and we will together look at the best solution for your needs.

We also offer a wide range of solutions for sports

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Isolerte haller

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