Wherever people gather, memories are created. And a good set-up helps create good memories: we are the market’s leading supplier of event-related products. Many people have seen a football match from a bleacher seat or seen a concert in a tent from O.B Wiik without being aware of it.

When everything must be just right

Many factors must be in place for an event to succeed. You wish to create the right atmosphere, but a good ambience does not happen on its own – the audience must have a sense that everything is going according to plan, that there are no hitches in the sporting event or concert, that the queues were short, that the lighting was pleasant, the seating good and the food and drink lovely.

Experience matters

Organising a well-run event requires years of experience – and experience in working with demanding players. We have taken part in setting up events such as the Norway Cup, the Øya festival and the Kontraskjæret football party. Across the country, tradeshows, festivals and sporting events are held with systems from O.B. Wiik that help make them a success. That is why we are chosen as partner, year after year. However, O.B. Wiik has also lent its special touch to smaller events.

Products – from A to Z

Fencing, crowd control, queue management systems, tents in all sizes, concert halls, stages, stands, bars, tables and chairs are facilities that all form a natural part of major events – as do toilets, vehicle mats, cable ducts and numerous infrastructure element that one does not think much about.

O.B. Wiik can deliver complete solutions, or stand-alone products where the organisers do a large part of the assembly work on their own. We can help you identify your needs – and bear in mind that our products are not limited to open-air events and sunshine. To the contrary, a roof from O.B. Wiik really comes into its own when the weather and cold are at their worst.

Event products