Wherever people gather, memories are created. And a good set-up helps create good memories: we are the market’s leading supplier of event-related products. Many people have seen a football match from a bleacher seat or seen a concert in a tent from O.B Wiik without being aware of it.

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When everything must be just right

Many factors must be in place for an event to succeed. You wish to create the right atmosphere, but a good ambience does not happen on its own – the audience must have a sense that everything is going according to plan, that there are no hitches in the sporting event or concert, that the queues were short, that the lighting was pleasant, the seating good and the food and drink lovely.

Experience matters

Organising a well-run event requires years of experience – and experience in working with demanding players. We have taken part in setting up events such as the Norway Cup, the Øya festival and the Kontraskjæret football party. Across the country, tradeshows, festivals and sporting events are held with systems from O.B. Wiik that help make them a success. That is why we are chosen as partner, year after year. However, O.B. Wiik has also lent its special touch to smaller events.

Products – from A to Z

Fencing, crowd control, queue management systems, tents in all sizes, concert halls, stages, stands, bars, tables and chairs are facilities that all form a natural part of major events – as do toilets, vehicle mats, cable ducts and numerous infrastructure element that one does not think much about.

O.B. Wiik can deliver complete solutions, or stand-alone products where the organisers do a large part of the assembly work on their own. We can help you identify your needs – and bear in mind that our products are not limited to open-air events and sunshine. To the contrary, a roof from O.B. Wiik really comes into its own when the weather and cold are at their worst.

Festivals and cultural events

No country boasts more festivals than Norway, and O.B. Wiik is the leading festival supplier. Every valley and fjord arm has created its own festival offshoot.

If you look closely, you will spot the green O.B. Wiik logo on fences, tents or festival equipment all over the place, either at food festivals, cultural festivals, children’s events, music festivals or private and municipal events.

Delivering on time and ease of use have made us the preferred supplier, even by small players such as sporting associations, art clubs and charitable organisations.

Sporting events

O.B. Wiik has been involved in the vast majority of sporting events in Norway – in one role or another. The Norway Cup, where we have been involved for 20 years, springs to mind.

We are the partner of choice because we fulfil both the organisers’ and the audience’s expectations and our experience from large-scale events also benefits smaller sporting events.

Smaller players can rest assured that we will execute our assignment well – for both small and big sporting events.

Companies and private customers

Are you hosting a company event? A chat with us will provide you with suggestions that are likely to resolve many of your concerns. We have experience with company events of virtually all sizes and types.

We can determine whether you need to outsource all or part of the event, and which products you need in terms of the number of people who will attend.

The same applies to private events. Do you have an extensive guestslist and want to create a good framework for a special occasion? A party tent protects you against the weather gods and gives you the room to put your own finishing touch to the party- which can be the icing on the cake.

Event products

obwiik tents frame tent party tent marquee


Are you hosting an event? Choose a robust and durable tent from Norway’s leading tent supplier. The standard version of the party tent or marquee has a fixed width of six or nine metres. The pro version tent is reinforced to handle tough conditions typical for the Norwegian climate.

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obwiik pop up tents

Pop-up tent

A pop-up tent, quick-up tent, folding canopy, or pop-up shelter some people even call it a party tent – regardless of the name we give to it, the most important thing is that it is a small, highly practical tent that is easy to set up and take down!

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obwiik fencing security

Fencing and security

Do you need fencing or security equipment for your event or building site? O.B. Wiik has the necessary items in stock and is ready for immediate delivery.

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obwiik tents concession tent

Event – hire

Do you have a short-term need for our products, for instance for an event? Many of our robust products are also available for hire, giving you access to the renowned O.B. Wiik quality at a competitive rate.

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obwiik furniture and accessories chair

Furniture and accessories

Do you have premises, but nothing to furnish them with? Or a tent that has been bought or hired, but needs something to fill it with? As an event supplier, we have built up a portfolio of the kind of products required for dining, seating, comfort and security.

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obwiik promotional print

Promotional products

If you want to spread your message, logo or business image, printing on different materials and products with large surfaces is the way to go and a way of reaching out to a large audience. And if you want something out of the ordinary, we are there to help you customise the product.

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