Aid and Relief

When big humanitarian aid organisations such as UNICEF, the World Food Programme and the UNHCR respond to humanitarian disasters, the ability to deliver is crucial. Quality halls must therefore be supplied quickly.

When time counts

Some disasters have prior warning, others arise suddenly, but in all instances, it is vital to respond rapidly with good-quality emergency aid equipment. Our clients are UN organisations and voluntary aid organisations with whom we have framework agreements for the supply of warehouses.

Our main product in this context is the WiikHall in its various configurations. It is primarily used for storing and distributing food, as workshops for vehicles and as temporary schools. However, the WiikHall’s flexibility means that it can also house a number of other objectives that can arise during humanitarian crises. O.B. Wiik’s comprehensive list of additional equipment makes the WiikHall suited to use in tropical regions, desert areas and arctic regions.

Ready for operations around the world

A number of pre-positioned warehouses have been established to be able to respond as rapidly as possible. These are strategically located in cities around the world, often in connection to harbours. These cities are Brindisi, Italy; Panama City, Panama; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Accra, Ghana; Kampala, Uganda and Subang, Malaysia; Djibouti and Las Palmas, Spain. In addition, our main warehouse in Norway is centrally located at Skedsmokorset.

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Aid and relief products